Why Buy It?

Recruits___________Don’t have Steel Battalion?

Want it?

This is a FAQ for the folks who don’t have the game, and would like to know more about it. I wrote it to dispell a lot of the misinformation that’s going around ruining everybody’s idea of what this wonderful game is really about.

I’d want to play the game, but it’s like 500 bucks. What’s up with that?

The release price of the game was only 200 dollars. There’s both a lot of confusion about this, and a lot of complaining about it; but the actual release price was 200 bucks. That’s basically 50 for the game, and 150 for the controller. If you ask me, 150 dollars for a controller of this size and quality is better than decent. I’ve seen steering wheels / arcade sticks / flight sticks for over a hundred dollars; why be surprised at a 150 dollar item that includes the complexities of this controller?! It has BLINKY LIGHTS!!

Can I play the game without that freaky controller?

No. You can’t. Neither can your friend who claims they can. They are lying.

What’s the story with losing your game saves?

Yes, it’s true — if you get killed and don’t hit the “eject button” (the button with the transparent plastic protective cover over it) in time, you’re screwed. You die, and you lose your game save. This sucks, and adds an element of realism and intensity to the game, that though awful, kinda rocks in my opinion ’cause you really freak out. And let’s face it — the more you play these levels the better, so starting over ain’t so bad.

Where’s the tape player?

When defining the armaments of your mech, you can activate the “boom box” and listen to some funky, creepy lo-fi music while you play. LoC supports Custom Soundtracks, and that’s freakin’ rad!

Why aren’t there any seagulls?

Shut up.

Why isn’t my mech moving very fast?

Mechs by their nature move quite slowly. Though they lumber around step by step, the action can get REAL fast because of the nature of the camera and crosshairs. These two things can move incredibly fast, and completely independantly. This makes for some seriously intense combat potential. Looking one way, firing in another, and walking in another. Pretty sweet, eh?

The “strafe” pedal shouldn’t be called a “strafe” pedal.

Please form your questions in the form of a question. But yes, you’re right. The strafe pedal doesn’t modify your movement the same way a strafe modifier does on a keyboard — it makes you quickly jump forward, left, right, or backwards depending on the position of the gearshift, and the direction the left joystick is pushed during the pedal depression. If the gearshift is in N, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 you jump forward. If it’s in R, you’ll jump backwards. If you move the left joystick left or right while depressing the strafe pedal, you’ll jump left or right. You can also do diagonal movements with combinations of gas / strafe directions.

When does my pilot need to eat?

This is a sim, but not that much of a sim.

Why’s the screen all GRITTY loooking?

Imagine this: you’re sitting inside a completely enclosed metal cockpit inside the mech. There is no windshield or glass or anything — you look at “tv screens” inside the cockpit to see what’s going on outside your mech. There are cameras placed on the outside of the mechs which feed their signal to the interior screens which you look at. So the quality of the image you look at is a sort of … video resolution, and when it gets jarred (from a fall or when you’re going over rough terrain or whatever)it distorts, and when it gets dirty it needs cleaning, etc. I think it’s a pretty sweet effect, and adds another level of realism to the game.

How can I take on more than 1 mech at once?

All you need is to keep moving, use the radar to keep an eye on incoming shells, and utilize all the tools the mech gives you. Chaffs are handy, strafing is handy, and the fact that you can look one way, move another way, and fire your weapons another way comes in handy too. And don’t panic. 🙂

Do I need a third hand to control this biyatch?

No, but it certainly would help.


Environmental disasters across globe in January 2022

Storms, floods, volcanic eruptions among multiple natural disasters reported in different areas of globe


A range of environmental disasters hit the world in the first month of 2022, including heavy rains and floods in Brazil, Iran and Madagascar; heavy snowfall in Turkiye, Pakistan and the US; wildfires in Spain and Argentina as well as volcanic eruptions in Ecuador’s Wolf volcano and Pacific nation of Tonga.

Below is a timeline compiled by Anadolu Agency:

Jan. 3:

– After a week of record-breaking heat, firefighters in northern Spain are struggling to extinguish a wave of forest fires that emerged during the first weekend of the year.

– A wide swathe of the US East Coast is slammed by a major winter storm that brings significant snowfall to much of the Mid-Atlantic region, including the capital.

Jan. 4:

– The death toll from heavy rains and flooding in Brazil’s northeastern state of Bahia rise to 26, with 715,634 people affected.

– Argentine authorities say fires destroy “between 80,000 and 90,000 hectares” in the southern province of Chubut.

– At least five people are killed while nine others remain missing after a landslide hit a construction site in China.

Jan. 5:

– At least nine people are killed in floods that hit almost all of Iran.

Jan. 6:

– Wildfires fueled by strong winds and downed power lines in the Western US state of Colorado cause more than $513 million in damage and destroyed nearly 1,100 homes and other structures.

Jan. 7:

– The Wolf volcano, the tallest mountain on the Galapagos islands, starts erupting, spewing lava and clouds of ash in the Pacific Ocean.

– Hundreds of people are hospitalized after the Japanese capital of Tokyo received its highest snowfall in four years.

Jan. 8:

– At least two people are killed in southeastern Brazil when a canyon wall collapsed on speedboats in a lake due to heavy rains.

– 21 tourists have lost their lives in the past two days after their vehicles were trapped due to heavy snowfall in a famous hill station near Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad

Jan. 9:

– The death toll in southeastern Brazil rises to 10 when a canyon wall collapsed on speedboats in a lake.

Jan. 13:

– A landslide, caused by heavy rain, destroys a historic townhouse in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.

Jan. 15:

– Following a massive underwater volcanic eruption in the Pacific country of Tonga, Japan was hit with a tsunami on its Pacific coast late Saturday, local media reported.

Jan. 18:

– Japan says at least two people were killed during the undersea volcanic eruption around the Tonga island nation in South Pacific.

Jan. 19:

– At least 10 people are killed in floods caused by heavy rains in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar.

Jan. 20:

– Thousands of displaced Syrians living in tents in the northwest have been struggling amid heavy downpours and snowfall.

– Forest fires continue to rage across Argentina, with high temperatures and winds helping them to spread.

Jan. 24:

– Heavy snowfall hits Turkiye’s largest city Istanbul, shuttering shopping malls, disrupting traffic, and closing a mega-airport.

Jan. 25:

– Five people are killed and many others missing after floods hit western Uganda.

– A severe weather front dubbed Elpis hit Greece’s capital region of Attica with snow as well as the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea.

Jan. 26:

– The Peruvian navy says it spots a new oil spill at the terminal of the La Pampilla refinery that belongs to the Spanish oil company Repsol.

Jan. 27:

– Tropical Storm Ana kills 19 people and displaces thousands of families in southern Malawi.

Jan. 28:

– Millions of people across the US eastern seaboard are bracing for a “bomb cyclone” that will bring heavy snow, strong winds, and blizzard conditions to the region.

– The death toll from a tropical storm that struck three African countries climbs to 78 as emergency efforts continued to repair damaged infrastructure and help tens of thousands of victims.

Jan. 29:

– Parts of the United Kingdom face extreme weather as Storm Malik made a dramatic landfall with gale-force winds and heavy torrents of rain.

Jan. 30:

– A daunting Nor’easter winter storm left more than 100,000 people without power as it tore through the US East Coast with powerful winds and heavy snowfall.

Jan. 31:

– The Central US is bracing for a major winter storm as parts of the East Coast dig out from a historic snowfall amid below-freezing temperatures.

Steel Battalion Braves Basketball Program


Basketball at Steel Battalion has a memorable history and we’ve always looked at building on the same tradition. Player’s success is a long-term journey that requires lots of commitment, patience, enthusiasm, and guidance by different parties. At Steel Battalion we are firm on details and put a lot to make sure we offer first class basketball program to our players.

Our program’s philosophy is based on preparing to have success in the toughest environment imaginable. It is not good enough just to prepare to win games. We will prepare to win Championships!! As a program our offensive philosophy is to be an up tempo, fast breaking basketball team that will get out and run at every opportunity. Although the foundation of our defense will be built upon solid half court fundamentals, our program will be one that pressures the ball to create easy scoring opportunities for our offense.

To be successful, our program not only has to make a commitment to excellence during the season, but in the summer as well. Summer is a time when players and teams discover their potential and develop bonds that last throughout the year. Our summer schedule includes Team Camp and a number of weekend tournaments where we face top competition from around the state. We will continue to put on our own tournament which serves as a great opportunity for families to watch their son develop as a player while also raising money for our program.

During their time at Steel Battalion it is extremely important for our athletes to be exposed to a variety of athletic and extra-curricular experiences. That is why we support and encourage our kids to be involved in extra-curricular activities year-round. The experiences garnered helps our student-athletes to be well rounded young men.

When our team players have completed the program, we are sure that they do not only come out as good players, but also come out as great role models in our society. We instill kids with the skills to succeed not on a basketball court but in life as well.

Impress upon the mind of every man, from first to the lowest, the importance of the cause and what it is they are contending for. –General George Washington

Steel Battalion Controller

The Controller___________To learn how to use the controller, check out the Communications Tutorial.

It’s big. In fact; these are the measurements. Below is the newer iteration of the controller; which is identical to the old one except for the blue coloration of the lights.

Here is a photo of both the old and the new controllers so you can see the subtle visual differences. Click the image to zoom in; you’ll see that the new controller has a grey matte finish to the metal plates rather than the black of the old controller.

Other than the button and metal color differences, the connecting wires of the new controllers look a bit beefed up as you can see in the photo below. Click to zoom. Another difference between new and old is the stenciled lettering on the left side of the center block. The old one said “P.R.F. Army 7th Special Panzer, blah blah” whereas the new one doesn’t say P.R.F … it just has the blah blah. I’m guessing that’s ’cause some people will be in factions other than the PRF, and boy would I be steamed if I was with the Right Brothers and it said PRF on my VT! (A small oversight on their part, or not wanting to recast the footpedal block; the new footpedals still say PRF army. Take that!)

The Controller for this game is half the fun of it. So much so, that it certainly deserves to be spelled with a capital C.

I took the center block of the controller apart just for kicks, and this is what it looks like. Okay; I lied. I got mad and smashed one of the buttons into itself and had to do emergency repairs; but this way YOU get to benefit from my stupidity!

Controller Functions (from left to right):


Left Block
GearShift: Just like your car. Your automatic transmission car, that is. R, N, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5*.
Left JoyStick: Only moves left and right. It controls the direction your mech faces.
Hatswitch Thumbstick thing on Left ThumbStick: Moves 360 degrees, controls direction of external main camera. Clicks in to return to center of mech’s perspective.
5 Toggle Switches: They just flick back and forth, and all they do is turn stuff on for the startup sequence. Basically, a more complicated way of turning a key. Quite silly if you ask me, but fun also.**
Center Block
Communicator Dial: Selects channel frequency. Strangely, it just keeps rotating around in circles, the lines on its’ edges don’t mean squat.
Communicator Buttons: Activate communication commands.
F Buttons: They do different stuff depending on the mission you’re on.***
Tank Detach: If you have multiple gas tanks, and one empties, you can ditch it to decrease the weight load on your mech, abandoning the possibility of the tank getting refueled by the supply chopper.
Override: The features of this function are threefold: (1) It makes your VT accelerate a LOT faster, and gives it a higher top speed (2) It fills up your battery almost instantly, so you can slidestep and fire your railgun all day long (3) It triples your gas consumption; so be careful. Only available on 2nd Generation Mechs and above.
Night Scope: I bet you can’t guess what that button does.
F.S.S.: Stands for “Forecast Shooting System.” Helpful for when you’re locked onto a VT that’s moving side to side; it’ll fire your shots at where the VT will BE rather than where it WAS. Rather clever. Only available on 2nd Generation Mechs and above.
Manipulator: This activates your fun little arm with which you can pick up tanks and cows, and activate doors and switches. Disables your subweapon when active.
Line Color Change: Changes the color of the HUD lines / text / other elements. Sometimes it’s helpful, usually it’s annoying.
Washing: If you fall, or get hit by certain weapons, your camera’s lense can get dirty; making it hard to see. This’ll squirt it and clean it so you’re ready to rock.
Extinguisher: If you get hit by certain weapons, the interior of your cabin can catch fire. Hit this button to extinguish the internal fire. There’s a siren on the HUD and the button will blink when it’s needed.
Chaff: Use when an enemy VT or missile Spider launches a missile at you. It’ll surround your VT with a magical substance that makes missiles go bananas and fly elsewhere. Not good against artillery.
Main: Cycles through the main weapons you equipped.
Sub: Cycles through the sub weapons you equipped.
Magazine Change: This’ll reload your main weapon’s magazine if the main weapon you have active has any extra magazines.
Right Block
Right JoyStick: This moves the crosshairs on the screen. Super sensitive, especially when zoomed in.
Trigger on Right JoyStick: Fires subweapon.
Lock On Button on Right JoyStick: Locks on to enemies that are lockonable … like tanks are too small to lock onto, but other VTs will lock on fine.
Main Weapon Fire Button on Right JoyStick: Fires your main weapon.
SubMonitor Open/Close: Open/Close toggle button for the little monitor on the top of the screen that contains your map and mission objectives, etc.
Map Zoom In/Out: Toggle zooms your map monitor.
Mode Select: Changes the display on your top submonitor, between map and mission objectives, and what you’ve killed, etc.
SubMonitor Mode Select: Changes your lower submonitor to show either front, rear, ground, sky, or lock-on camera views.
Camera Zoom In: Zooms your main camera view in.
Camera Zoom Out: Zooms your main camera view out.
Eject: Only hit this when your mech is exploding. Failure to do so will lose your game save. Premature use of this will result in a lost mech, and you’ll have to restart the level.
Cockpit Hatch: Startup Sequence: Closes the hatch.
Ignition: Startup Sequence: Starts engine and weapon systems and operating system.
Start: Startup Sequence: Gets you going. This is the button for the “mini game” part of the startup sequence.
Foot Pedals
Left Pedal: Slidestep pedal. Use this to perform strafing slidestep move. This one’s key. Also; it’s as pressure sensitive as the others; pushing a little will make you slide a little; pushing a lot will make you slide a lot. Additionally; if you hit this button when in gears N, or 1-5 you’ll slide forward if you don’t hit the rotation lever. If you’re in gear R you’ll slide backwards. Combinations of gear and degree of turning the rotation lever will give you the ability to do diagonal slidesteps.
Center Pedal: Brakes! Slow down!
Right Pedal: Gas. This makes you go.

*5th gear in Line of Contact puts you in “wheel mode” where you fly along on secret hidden wheels on your VTs toes propelled by jets at very high speeds. It makes a great sound.

**These switches actually have a purpose in Line of Contact. When you shut them all off it’ll turn your VT off, and make you invisble to radar and unable to be locked onto. Good for ambushes. Bad if they find you.

***In Line of Contact, F1 is the ‘sniper mode’ button, F2 zooms in on your top submonitor, and F3 zooms in on your bottom submonitor. If you push both F2 and F3 simultaneously it zooms in on the main screen. All are very handy.

Steel Battalion

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