About Us

After a vote among the boys on the team, the team name is “Steel Battalion”.  This 6th Grade boys basketball team was formed by coaches Chris Smorch and John Daly, with preference given to local children.  We regret that the roster is full, and there are no additional positions available.

In all of our basketball programs we teach kids that in order to be successful on the court, in the classroom, and in life you need to have certain attributes.


We call them the “4 C’s”….Confidence, Commitment, Consistency, and Character.  We teach these values in all of our programs to relate having success in basketball to having success in all areas of their lives.

  • Confidence- A feeling or consciousness of one’s powers
  • Commitment-  An agreement or pledge to do something in the future
  • Consistency- Following the same pattern over a period of time
  • Character- An individual’s moral qualities

Mission Statement

Our mission as coaches is to take student athletes where they can’t take themselves. We will foster an environment that teaches our young men to:

  1. Achieve an exemplary foundation of leadership and academic success.
  2. Develop and enhance traits of honesty, integrity, strength of character, care and confidence.
  3. Encourage kids to participate in other extra-curricular activities so they can have a multitude of experiences.
  4. Embrace commitments to excellence, loyalty, selflessness, trust, and humility.
  5. Appreciate and embrace all contributors and supporters of our program.
  6. Relentlessly pursue excellence.

Player Drop-off and Pick-up:

Parents should use the driveway to the South of Sacred Heart Parish church, 21599 Parke Lane, and drop off their boys in the church parking lot facing the covered walkway connecting the church and the gym.  Boys should use ONLY the doors facing the church under the covered walkway — both when arriving for practice and when being picked up.

Boys please bring your shoes in a gym bag so they stay dry, and put your boots, coats, etc. in the hallway just inside the doors of the gym.  There is a coat rack for your winter coats, and please make sure your shoes are out of the way so they don’t create a tripping hazard for others.

We are particularly grateful to Sacred Heart Church for allowing us to use the gymnasium for our team practices.  Sacred Heart is allowing us to use the gym under their “Family Life” program — one of the many Sacred Heart programs that make various Parish resources available to members of our area communities.  We appreciate the hospitality.