Steel Battalion Braves Basketball Program


Basketball at Steel Battalion has a memorable history and we’ve always looked at building on the same tradition. Player’s success is a long-term journey that requires lots of commitment, patience, enthusiasm, and guidance by different parties. At Steel Battalion we are firm on details and put a lot to make sure we offer first class basketball program to our players.

Our program’s philosophy is based on preparing to have success in the toughest environment imaginable. It is not good enough just to prepare to win games. We will prepare to win Championships!! As a program our offensive philosophy is to be an up tempo, fast breaking basketball team that will get out and run at every opportunity. Although the foundation of our defense will be built upon solid half court fundamentals, our program will be one that pressures the ball to create easy scoring opportunities for our offense.

To be successful, our program not only has to make a commitment to excellence during the season, but in the summer as well. Summer is a time when players and teams discover their potential and develop bonds that last throughout the year. Our summer schedule includes Team Camp and a number of weekend tournaments where we face top competition from around the state. We will continue to put on our own tournament which serves as a great opportunity for families to watch their son develop as a player while also raising money for our program.

During their time at Steel Battalion it is extremely important for our athletes to be exposed to a variety of athletic and extra-curricular experiences. That is why we support and encourage our kids to be involved in extra-curricular activities year-round. The experiences garnered helps our student-athletes to be well rounded young men.

When our team players have completed the program, we are sure that they do not only come out as good players, but also come out as great role models in our society. We instill kids with the skills to succeed not on a basketball court but in life as well.

Impress upon the mind of every man, from first to the lowest, the importance of the cause and what it is they are contending for. –General George Washington